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Hello And Welcome 

Writing For God's Glory

I would like to welcome you to "Treasure Box Poetry And Praise" and invite you to visit
our other Treasure Box Pages filled with a collection of Jewels that I enjoy and hope to use or learn in the future.

I'd like to say in starting. That I want my life to glorify God and I want to be a blessing to others. I have posted things I felt were free for use. If I've posted anything you are unhappy with, please notify me and I will promptly remove your work as a treasure in Our Treasure Box Pages. I have no desire to claim your work as my own. I make no money advertizing in anyway at this time. If you are unhappy in any way with anything I am open to hear your grievance.
I'm still in the building process and I'm still learning,
sometimes the hard way. My daughters and son in-law are my biggest helpers especially with
the songs I've written. They have written and arranged their own songs as well. My daughters can read and play by ear. I do not have that ability. I can however come up with a melody and we work together to build and better the song. They write out the chords and melody for me and I post them. They are free for non-profit use with no changes except font, size or style. If there is a spelling error that has an obvious misspelling it may be changed but please e-mail me of the change.

I've recently started creating my own images with a few photo programs I purchased. I'm hoping to learn how to create moving graphics, I'm still learning. You are welcome to use these graphics freely as long as you include a link back to my blog. You may not use any graphics for profit or prizes.
Treasure Box Poetry And Praise
and The Treasure Box Pages are for non-profit. I do not make any money putting these treasures together.

There are so many wonderful ideas on the internet. There are many talented people out there creating beautiful and clever crafts for home, weddings, gatherings, ministry, children, holidays, and teaching. You will find a link back to the original site, where I found the treasure. If you find I have not included the link it was by mistake, please notify me.
I would like to thank my family and my husband for allowing me to continue creating Treasure Box Poetry and Praise and The Treasure Box Pages filled with jewels for the heart, the family,for the home, for the church and for life.
May, the Lord be glorified and may your heart be blessed.

My writings are in no wise written to glorify myself, I have many flaws as a person but I do not want to focus on my flaws because it hinders me.  I simply want to leave something behind of myself to my children and love others the best way I know how with Gods help.

Thank-you, Your Visit Is  Appreciated, May You Have A Fabulous Day

I do not want any of my writings used on sites contrary to the teachings of the bible.  I have found my work on a dating site and would like it removed immediately.  My only desire is to love others the way Christ would, but still stand on the truths of God's Word.  I have had repeated troubles with this and want it to stop. 

Poetry And Other Materials On This Site Can Be Freely Used For Christian Bible Centered Non-Profit Ministries And must Remain Unchanged In Any Way, With The Exception Of Size or Style. All Other Purposes Are With Permission Only. You May Make Requests At "" All my poems with stories are both real and fictional designed to illustrate a biblical truth. All Rights Reserved. Please Include Site Name And Link Back To This Blog. Thank-You.

Treasure Box Poetry And Praise

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