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You’ll never be an angel
Though sometimes it’s hard to tell,
For you have ways becoming and
You’d play an angel well;
But God made you uniquely -
Only one you’ll ever find -
I’ll know you up in Heaven,
You’ll still be a friend of mine.
God made a lot of angels and
He gave them certain tasks.
A warrior, and a messenger -
They fly whene’er He asks;
But we were made a different way
With wills to call our own, and
We decide with our free will
Our everlasting home.
I read about the cheribim -
(Ezekiel told it well!)
Gabriel, the messenger,
Michael making war on hell.
But Jesus was still Jesus
When He rose up from the grave,
We will know and recognize Him
In the land of endless day.
You’ll still be you - I’ll still be me
A million years from now;
No telling what the Lord will have
For us to do...Somehow
I’m glad, although I know we’ll change
With bodies just like Jesus,
But I’ll still know you and see you
Just the way that Jesus sees us!

"We will be known as we are known" I Cor. 13:12
"Masterpiece created in Jesus" Eph. 2:10
"To us gave He power to become the Sons (daughters) of God." John 1:12

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