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I'll Not Forget 12-20-12

My little Angel sat in school

to learn her A B C's -

yet no one knows the 'half of it'

to put my mind at ease...

There's something in the way I talk

that seems so different now -

that weighs me down here on my knees

and makes me take this vow:

I'll not forget those days we spent

together - you and me.

I'll not forget our memories

and they will always be.

I'll not forget your sunshine smile,

the freckles on your skin.

I'll not forget your flood of love

that flowed from deep within.

I'll not forget our little games

we played - like 'hide and seek'.

I'll not forget your kisses from

your lips upon my cheek.

I'll not forget those little tears -

those times I saw you weep -

then mixed with mine, ran down my cheek

before you fell asleep.

I'll not forget your final hug

was very, very tight.

I'll not forget your final wave

was such a lovely sight.

I'll not forget your first small step

or your first day at school.

I'll not forget God's wonderment -

my precious little jewel.

I'll not forget your favorite clothes,

or favorite ice cream choice.

I'll not forget your little ears

that heard your teacher's voice.

My little Angel sat in school

to learn her A B C's -

It's God who knows 'the all of it'

that puts my mind at ease...

In memory of the 20 children

and 6 adults killed at Newtown, CT

©2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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