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Healings Of The Past


Healing Of The Past

Sometimes when we get a touch,
It’s painful to go through,
God needs to open our hearts to Him
For the work He needs to do

It’s often not an easy time
Dealing with the past,
But it’s necessary to sever it
So He can heal our hearts

For the issues of the past
That haven’t been resolved
Bring hindrances to God’s purposes
And discontentment to our souls

For God wants us all to live
Healed and walking free,
Not bound to past rejections,
But living in His victory

For that is where he uses us
Touching others through our lives,
But we need to put away the past
And have God’s love inside

For He can do this if we ask
If we place our hope in Him,
He’ll heal whatever holds us back
The brokenness within

For we don’t need to stay that way
When healing is in His hands,
We can have a special touch
From the one who understands.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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