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Forgiveness Is Sweet

Forgiveness Is Sweet

It was so hard to forgive
those who hurt and did me wrong,
the ones who lied, and those who tried
to snuff out my victor's song.

I took the shame and sorrow,
they heaped upon my soul,
I bent and broke in pieces,
no longer strong and whole.

My self esteem was zero,

I felt worthless, stained with dirt,
I bowed beneath the burden,
unsure, defamed, and hurt.

But then I met the Savior,

and saw the way He came
to mankind meek and lowly,
shaped of a different frame;

Earthly beauty did not matter,

neither wealth nor fame,
but just to please the Father,
this man with God's own name.

I took His life unto me,

gave Him what had been mine,
I no longer had to worry
if men were cruel or unkind.

I asked for His forgiveness,

and shared it with those in need
of forgiveness for their mortal selves,
for sinful word or deed.

As I granted this Grace, forgiveness,

I gained a blessed relief,
my spirit grew strong with honor,
my heart grew full of peace.

I now seek only God's opinion;

Is He pleased with me?
For He alone is worthy
to judge and require a change in me.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {for SkyWriting.Net} ]

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