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God of Glory - Joan Clifton Costner

God of Glory

From the Living Words of Life ~ the Bible,
Comes the wisdom by the ages found;
From the purest Blood comes my salvation,
Lasting, ~EVER lasting ~ Love profound!
Cornerstone of Heaven ~my Redeemer!
Light of Glory! Song of Galaxies!
Brightest Morning Star in all of Heaven!
Precious Lamb of God ~ eternally!
Woo with Siren song the souls of beings
Destined to divert their wandering eyes,
Speak, oh speak and sing the song of heaven,
Wake us up and make us oh, so wise!
Hold us, Lord, so close we hear Thy heartbeat;
Let our hearts in rhythm keep the pace,
Dry our tears and show us we belong to
God of Glory, He has won the race!!
Joan Clifton Costner

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