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By His Hand - Joyce T. Griffin

By His Hand

I thank Thee Lord for everything,
this newness of life that comes each spring,
the flowers, the birds, and blooming trees,
the butterflies and little bees.

The melody that greets each morn,
wee green shoots of planted corn,
berry bushes so impatient to twine
along the fence with thorny vine.

Even the weeds so anxious to grow
that will require a spade and hoe.
A clump of wild flowers are here I see
brought by the wind and left for me.

In every sprig and unfolding leaf
brings fresh awareness and a firm belief,
that there is nothing, be it large or small,
for Thy hand has made it all.

Let me ne'er take for granted a day,
a sky of blue, or the suns warm ray.
As I sit in the shade of a spreading tree
I will bow my head and give thanks to Thee.~

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville , FL


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