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Where Art Thou? - Gary L S West

Where Art Thou?
by Gary L S West

Father, kneeling
Here am I
First time in many years

Father, crying
Asking why
And shedding countless tears

Father, doubting
Where were You
In all my times of need

Father, waiting
Are You true?
Why does my hope recede?

Father, hurting
Broken heart
I, in a corner, quake

Father, aching
Fell apart
From nightmares, let me wake

Father, failing
Can't see how
I'm running out of breath

Father, dying
Need You now
I'm so afraid of death

Father, praying
I beseech
Oh, how I desperate plead

Father, staying
Within reach
Oh, how my soul did bleed

Father, hearing
Thy still voice
A balm unto my soul

Father, healing
Calm rejoice
As slow Thou mend me whole

Father, resting
Sleeping soft
And unafraid of harms

Father, waking
Heart aloft
Held safe within Thy arms

Father, thanking
Weeping now
In gratitude of You

Father, praising
This I vow
My soul to Thee be true    

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