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A Brand New Start 2-8-12

In the beginning God had made.

foundation's rock where I have laid -

all my troubles, all my lies -

all my heartaches, all my cries -

all my burdens, all my sin -

all my heartaches here within.

But now, a Christian, I ride seas,

ride His oceans, ride His breeze -

ride His clouds where angels live -

optimistic, positive -

high on grace and high on love -

high on Jesus, free above!

A God of love, a God of peace,

a God of hope where sorrows cease -

where I have gained and hold no loss

because of Jesus and the cross -

because of grace that pardoned me -

because of faith that sets me free!

And all that my dear Savior knows,

my Comforter and Spirit shows -

in the Heavens, where God built -

a place where flowers will not wilt -

a place where Angels sing in voice -

a place where Christians will rejoice!

So pray for father, sister, mother,

brother, friends and one another,

fellow workers, enemies -

and ne'er forget the 'least of these'.

For those who give a broken heart -

will receive a brand new start.


©2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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