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Remember, I Love You - Joan Clifton Costner

Remember, I Love You
In the storms of life remember,
I Love you....
When you’re suffering, remember,
I’m there too....
When you think you’re all alone,
And you feel you can’t go on ~
Oh, beloved child, remember,
I Love you!
When the sunrise comes, in glory,
I love you...
When the stars fall in surrender,
I love you...
When the dusk is red in splendor,
And the evening breeze is tender,
Oh, my dear beloved, remember,
I love you!
I can speak in a million ways to any human heart
All you need is that tenderness that sets your soul apart.
I’ve a million ways to tell you if you open up the door
And I’m longing so to always tell you more...
(Key change)
When you hear the music swelling - I love you
Don’t you know?
With each bird call I am telling - I love you...
Yes, love you so!
And when evening shadows fall-
Then I love you most of all -
Precious Child, always remember,
I... Love... you!
© Joan Clifton Costner
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