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Color My World ~ Jill Lemming

Color My World

Sometimes we find shades of gray
when grief comes to our lives...
and other times we see the sun
shine golden in our eyes.

It all depends on how we view

the world that God has made...
it takes some effort on our part,
to lose those "shades of gray."

Lord, give me eyes to see my world

in lovely shades of GREEN...
reflecting growth within my heart
and blessings unforseen.

Let me see the color RED

to remind me of Your blood...
and how You died to set me free,
a sacrifice of love.

And when I see the color WHITE,

let me see Your righteousness...
the truest symbol of Your grace
and the purest color yet.

Lord, color my world and let me see

each symbol You have made...
all reflections of Your love,
each one a perfect shade.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, OHIO USA

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