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God's Beautiful Quilt ~ Joan Clifton Costner

God's Beautiful Quilt

I lifted the lid from the box upstairs ~
"This certainly has to go..."
....I shouldn't have taken the lid off~
There’s so many patterns I know.
I had thought I'd piece them together to be
A tapestry of my years ~
A quilt to treasure for myself;
Reminder of joys and tears.
...My fingers passed tenderly over the lot ~
A garment from so long ago,
When I was young and ambitious ~
My hopes were all aglow.
Here’s the paisley from Aunt Eva,
(So pretty in that special dress!)
The plaid from little Jackie’s shirt
Whose now gone to Heaven’s rest.
A houndstooth check, a polka-dot;
A piece from my little boys' blue
(For both had worn those coveralls and
Both had loved them, too)
I laid some of the pieces together ~
Why, they would fit just so!
They had a common color ~
Oh, let that straightening go!
I brought out the iron and the scissors ~
I straightened and cut just right;
I pieced that fabric together
Before I came to night!
The new quilt wasn't really 'new' ~
It wasn't large ~ but, say!
I wouldn't take a million for
The memories of that day!
Might there be a seamstress angel
Sent out to collect loving deeds?
Maybe He lays them together
To judge what else He needs?
...When I reach that land of forever,
I'm gonna look for the quilting frame ~
To search and seek a familiar piece ~
Something that bears my name.
I won't care if it’s in the middle or
Just a strip that is sewn in free,
When God spreads out that beautiful quilt
And explains it’s design to me!

© 2005 by Joan Clifton Costner

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Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.

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for non-profit ministering purposes.
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