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The Borrower

The Borrower

Kenneth McKenzie
He borrowed a stable in which to be born;
And later confessed that he had no bed.
He borrowed a basket that bright spring morn;
Sent the people away, their hunger fed.
He borrowed a boat from which to preach
His Father*s love to sinful men;
They stood that day on Galilee*s beach,
Longing to hear his message again.
He borrowed a donkey, on which to ride
With royal blessings from on high;
To hear the proud city his name deride,
Scornfully bidding him pass by.
He borrowed a room in which to meet
His friends, the sacred feast to keep of old;
But the towel to dry his disciples* feet
Was not his; nor the holy table His to hold.
He borrowed a cross on which to die,
A ransom from sin, a life laid down.
He borrowed a tomb in which to lie
Yet the great universe was his own.

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