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The Whisper Of A Child

The Whisper Of A Child 

A child's love is  like a whisper,

given in little ways we do not hear.

But if you listen  closely

it will be very clear.

They often do not say it loud,

but  in how they come to you...

"Daddy, will you play with me?"

"Mommy, tie my  shoe?"

The many ways they tell you,

changes as they grow.

"Dad, I  made the team today!"

"Mom, I've Got to go!"

"Pop, I need some  money,

You see there's this girl at school..."

"Mama, I met a boy  today

and Wow, he is so cool!"

"Dad, I've got something to tell  you...

I think she is the one!"

"Mom, he asked me to marry him.

Would  you love him as your son?"

"Dad, I've got some news for you...

It's  going to be a boy!"

"Mom, I'm kind of scared of this,

yet I'm filled with  joy!"

A child's love is like a whisper,

given in little ways we do not  hear.

But if you listen closely,

it will be very clear.

They often  do not say it loud,

but in how they come to you...

"Grandpa, will you play  with me?"

"Grandma, tie my shoe?"

It is never ending;

A blessing  from above.

Listen to the whispers of a child's love.

Whisper Of A Child" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian

[ Author unknown - received from Chris Long at  'Laugh & Lift' ( ] 

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