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My Mother's Knee

My Mother’s Knee

I have worshiped in church and chapel,

I've prayed on the busy street;

I have sought my God and found Him

Where the waves of the ocean beat.

I have knelt in silent forest,

In the shade of some ancient tree;

But the dearest of all my altars

Was the one at my mother's knee.

The things in my life that are worthy

Were born in my mother's breast,

And breathed into mine by the magic

Of the love her life expressed.

The years that brought me manhood

Have taken her far from me,

But memory keeps me from straying

Too far from my mother's knee.

O God, make me the man of her vision

And purge me from selfishness;

God keep me true to her standard

help me to live to bless.

God hallow the holy impress

Of the days that used to be,

And keep me a pilgrim forever

At the shrine of my mother's knee.

Author unknown.

Came from the Story of Jesus.

A little paper i get from
Submitted By:©© 2005 Joan Clifton Costner
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