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A Prayer for Mothers

A Prayer for Mothers 

Luke18:1 “...that men ought always
to pray, and not to faint.”

O Lord, let us pray for every Mother
For each one has a common goal-
To love and train Your children-
Their bodies, minds, and souls.

We pray for Mom's who've just begun
Whose hearts are filled with love,
But feel a little fearful-
Please guide them from above.

For Mom's who choose to stay at home
We pray you'll bless their life-
Their busy days, with little praise-
Please bless their sacrifice.

Lord, please bless the single Moms
Who raise their children alone.
When they feel discouraged and lonely
May Your loving heart be their home.

And bless the special Mothers
Who've embraced another's child-
And adopted them as family.
We know that Heaven smiles.

Every Mother needs your help-
Friends, Aunts, and Grandmas, too-
To help raise up godly children
Who will love and follow You.

Jacqueline A. Cosgrove
Battle Creek , MI


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