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Two Planks of Wood

It’s just a couple planks of wood,
Some nails, and thorns; a sign.
It could never build much of anything.
But, it built a bridge Divine.
The chasm wide between the worlds,
Of darkness and of light,
Were spanned with two old planks of wood,
Some nails, and thorns; a sign.
It was all wrong, it all was right,
Because the only way
To span the gulf (restore our souls)
Hung on the cross that day.
The strongest force in the universe
Dripped down, a crimson red,
And demons tremble in its wake,
With, ''It is finished!'' said.
The work was done in majesty,
The blood line clearly drawn!
We overcome the vilest test;
Our testimony and His song!
The sign up high, above His head,
Needed one word to be true.
He was the King of Kings, Who
Sought for me and you!
Oh, beautiful and purest Love,
Throughout eons of time,
Brought, humbly, by two planks of wood,
Some nails, and thorns....and...a sign!

© 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner

John 19:22 ''Pilate answered, What I have written, I have written.''

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