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Compassion - Gertrude Jefferies

by Gertrude Jefferies

Airing our own dirty laundry
Is something we'd rather not do,
Can't we be as kind to others
Who make mistakes in their lives, too?

We've all made mistakes in our lifetime
Wrong choices we'd rather forget,
But someone showed us compassion
And friendship—the Jesus concept.

It's so easy to point fingers
And easier to criticize,
But let's make a point to remember
We're ruining other people's lives.

Jesus said, 'seventy times seven'
I say, 'walk a mile in their shoes,
We don't know why people stumble
But they need a friend, if they do.

Some day I may need compassion
And a friend, if mine have all gone,
I won't want a pointing finger,
Or tongues wagging about my wrong.

So, Lord,let me show to others
What I would expect for myself,
A little of your compassion,
And a friend being there to help.

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