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Livin’ Next Door to Heaven ~ Joan Clifton Costner

Livin’ Next Door to Heaven

I’m livin’ next door to Heaven;
I’ve had my allotted years ~
The “three score plus the ten” and more ~
I’m leavin’ behind my fears.
I know that when I get there,
It will be the grandest land,
So, I realize (it’s no surprise)
I soon can kiss that nail scarred hand!
And the angels up in Heaven,
They already know my name;
So, I’ll never be a stranger there,
We’ll all be treated just the same.
My mansion will be waiting,
For, He could never tell a lie,
And He said that He’d be with me
Till the very hour I die.
The praises that I sing to Him
When I get to that fair land;
Will be better and more beautiful with
A new way to understand
All the beauty and the wonder of
The price He paid for me
Oh, I’m livin’ next door to Heaven
To the One Who set me free!
I’m livin’ next door to Heaven!
It can’t be very long!
I can hardly wait for Heaven
Where I’ll sing redemption's song!
Jesus will make it Heaven,
Just to see His smiling face!
And to know and understand the truth
Of His Mercy and His Grace!

©Joan Clifton Costner

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