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Oh, Heaven, My Heaven ~ Joan Clifton Costner

Oh, Heaven, My Heaven

Oh, heaven, my heaven,
How blue is your sky?
How clear are your waters?
How does the land lie?

Oh heaven, my heaven,
Created for me
By an Architect so glorious
That angels can see!

Oh, heaven, my haven
Away from all cares;
My ultimate home,
The land Jesus shares.

And, the Love of the Lord
Shall be everywhere
Throughout verdant valleys,
Filling the air.

Oh, heaven, my heaven,
I long so for thee ...
Yet, not for the place
But the person I'll be.

All the dross and impurity,
Forever, away ...
Oh, heaven, my heaven;
Eternity's day!

© 2010 by Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings Heavenly Poetry
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations author.

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