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The End ~ Joan Clifton Costner

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The End

So we come now to the end,
And the double line is drawn.
Finality, with only precious
Clay to look upon.
A face that I have loved for aye -
And known for all my life;
Whose smile I watched for always
Through the sunshine and the strife.
But there was more that genes that held
Our lives and hearts and souls,
A common thread that really counts
The most when growing old.
Our mutual trust in Jesus -
Even loving that dear name,
Made us more than kin - we shared
A Hope that was the same.

The End is the beginning -
It’s Coronation Day!
The crown you've won, upon your head,
Now yours to give away.
So cast it at His nail-scarred feet!
It’s filled with jewels so fine;
And wait a bit - I'm just behind,
And I will give Him mine!

© Joan Clifton Costner

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