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The Moment I Trusted - By: Pearl Sturgis

The Moment I Trusted
by Pearl Sturgis

Just when I thought
I was trusting the Lord,
I emptied my heart
of His song and His Word.

He emptied my life
of material things.
I emptied my soul
of all praises for Him.

The enemy prospered
and life dealt so cruel.
My heart held a stone
and my tongue was unruled.

I said, "Lord, you need me
to honor Your Name ...
So why did You leave me
to bear all this shame?"

Then He whispered, "I never
will leave thee alone!"
And the moment I trusted
He lifted that stone.

And now I can see
how the Lord took my side,
through all of the things
that the enemy tried.

My cup's running over
with more than before.
The enemy knocks ...
but my Lord gets the door.

It's clearly a blessing
that satan disguised.
God emptied my heart
to open my eyes.

He opened my eyes ...
and allowed me to see
that it's I needing Him ...
and not He needing me!   

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