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By: Unknown Author

Sometimes when
The land is dry
No water
To be found
A pouring rain
Falls from the sky
And drenches
Thirsty ground

Sometimes when
My heart is dry
No joy there
To be found
You send from heaven
A drenching rain
And your perfect
Love abounds

Sometimes when
A potter's hands
Find fault with
Molded clay
He gently bends
And shapes until
It's perfect in
Every way

Sometimes when
The Potter's hands
Find bitterness in
My heart
He gently moves me
To forgive
And heals the
Wounded part

Sometimes when
A tiny child
Bears alone a
Heavy load
A caring friend
Will take his hand
And help him
Down the road

Sometimes when
This tiny child
Strains under
This life's load
Jesus comes and
Picks me up and
Carries me
Down the road

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