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His Feet ~ M.L. Maughmer, Jr.

His Feet

His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That made His little face glow
When His mother tickled His tiny toes.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
Which at the age of twelve
Made Him stand before those educated well.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That stepped into the
Jordan River
And carried our souls deliverer.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That stood atop a mountain high
And proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That treaded across countless miles
Bringing hope, healing, happiness, and smiles.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That traveled over sand, rocks, and dirt
Carrying comfort and love to all those who hurt.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That gently bent a blade of grass
Are the very feet that bore the guilt of my past.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That didn’t run when His accusers approached
But held fast His stand in spite of every stroke.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That marched up
Golgotha’s hill
Fulfilling God’s purpose and His will.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That were
nailed to the cross
Just so I would not be lost.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
Stepped over into captivity
And lead the broken captives free.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That walked out of a
borrowed tomb
And through locked doors of an upper room.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That crushed the curse of
Will one day step on earth again,
To judge all history,
And forever reign in victory.
Oh, to sit at His feet,
Yes, those beautiful feet—
Is where I want to be
Worshipping God for all eternity.

Poem - His Feet

--Submitted by member,
District Elder M.L. Maughmer, Jr.

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You don't have to be a pastor to have beautiful feet. This is a great song about pastors and their beautiful feet.


Bob Smith, Tucson AZ, 8/88

To the Jews God gave special instructions concerning what they could eat,
and the strange thing about it was, it depended a lot on the feet!
The beast in the stable wasn't fit for the table unless it had a divided hoof,
It had to chew the cud besides--all other meat was considered uncouth.
If it came out of the water it must be a fish, cause it had to have fins and scales,
and that rules out not just lobster and crab, but also catfish and whales!

Camel meat prohibited!What's the meaning behind these rules? Is it something we ought to know?
Were these laws given special to the Hebrews to show us the way we should go?
They seemed to thrive on what they ate before they entered Canaan Land,
So I think the reason for these rules was so that WE would understand...

"It isn't the food that goes in your mouth that defiles you", Jesus said,
It's the food in your mind that defiles you--the thoughts that are in your head.
Washing your hands before eating is good; like washing the outside of a cup,
But the thing that's really important is that you have a clean heart when you sup.

When you chew the good food of the Word, it's kind of like chewing gum,
Your jawbone is getting the action, but your mind shouldn't be totally numb.
You're meditating in The Word and considering all that it means,
You aren't swallowing all you've heard, and you know it's more than it seems.

The Body of Christ has many parts, and each part serves a purpose.
It's the Beautiful Feet that carry the Word; that do His special service.
It's the feet that do the walking, and in straight paths they're supposed to go,
and the Word-of-God that accompanies them, must be rightly-divided: Isn't that so?

You'll be clean in the sight of God, when you meditate in His Word,
And keep your feet on the mountain, and let your voice be heard.
When the scales come off your eyes, and the fins direct your way, (5-fold ministry)
You'll be rightly-dividing the living water, a fish that's here to stay!

The physical food of the Old Testament was an example for us to learn by,
But the spiritual food of the New Testament has a taste that money can't buy.
It's the butter and honey that tells right from wrong, It's the meat to make you strong;
It's the true bread of communion for the family of God that puts in your heart a new song.

Beautiful Feet ( Object Lesson)

Objects: Shoes of various kinds and styles. A pair of Chinese shoes displayed. An Elephant's Foot exhibited, (obtained from a museum.)

Boys and girls, have you ever known folks who wished for BEAUTIFUL feet? Perhaps you have never thought of feet being beautiful, but God speaks of "BEAUTIFUL feet" in His Word.
Here is a foot of an animal. (Display.) Do you know what kind of animal has a foot like this? An elephant—yes, this is an elephant's foot. You wouldn't call this a beautiful foot, would you, and yet it is a very useful part of the elephant. This is a fact of great importance to animals.
But human beings want not only strong, useful feet, but beautiful ones, and spend much effort in accomplishing this desire.
Have you ever stood before a shoe store window and looked at the different shoes and styles. Some have a lacy-like design as this pair. (Show a pair having small hole perforations, making a design.) Others are made of several colored leathers as this pair of brown and tan. (Display such a shoe.) Or this pair of dark and white leather. (Display.)
Why is all this trouble taken to make shoes of various colors and design? The answer is that folks want beautiful feet.
Here is a pair of shoes worn by a Chinese woman. (Display.) See how small they are! In China, the smaller the feet the more beautiful they are considered. (Tell of the binding of the feet of Chinese children.) Even here in America many regret having large feet, and they often try to wear shoes that are a size too small, just so they will appear to have beautiful feet.
But these shoes (on display) only tell of man's way of making one's feet attractive. What kind of feet does God say are BEAUTIFUL? Let us read Isa. 52:7, "How BEAUTIFUL . . . are the feet of them who bring GLAD TIDINGS."
Ah—not how one's feet LOOK, but how they are USED, makes them beautiful in God's sight. They are to carry glad tidings. On that first Christmas Day so long ago, the angel said to the shepherds, "Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy . . . For unto you is born this day . . . a Saviour."—Luke 2:10, I I. This is good tidings, indeed—that a Saviour is born—even the Lord Jesus, who went to the cross in the sinner's stead. Those who have received Him as Saviour and are bearing the good tidings to others, in God's sight have BEAUTIFUL feet. Are your feet beautiful, boys and girls? No, it matters not whether your shoes are new or old, brown or black—but are they bearing the good news of the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-3) to loved ones at home or to playmates at school.
As God, our Heavenly Father, looks down upon us today, boys and girls, may He see our feet BEAUTIFUL for Him!

Object Lesson Beautiful Feet

Great Ideas For Writing About Beautiful Feet


Watch Your Step!

In this creative icebreaker, youth will make some important observations based upon footprints or photos of feet and relate these to our personal walk – our personal journey in life.
For this activity you will need a fairly accurate representation of each participant’s feet. There are a variety of ways you can achieve this.
  1. My personal preference is to have sheets of colored paper – the type that does not leave a stain when wet. (Test it first so you don’t have permanent footprints across your carpet!). Have the participants remove their shoes and socks, then step on a damp towel and then finally step on the paper. A wet footprint will be left behind. Quickly trace it with a dark colored marker and let it dry! For a quick meeting just paste the sheets of paper around the room or project them on a wall using an OHP. If you have a longer event for a couple of days, like at a youth camp, you can also cut them out and place them around the teaching area.
  2. Alternatively, you can have students remove their socks and take digital photos of their feet. Paste them into a power point presentation or a photo slide show and project them on a wall for students to see.
  3. A little messier variation is to use water soluble finger paints and have participants step into a tray of finger paint and then onto a white sheet of paper. Be sure to have a damp towel ready to thoroughly clean their feet before they leave a mess of prints across your meeting area!
You might also want to number the prints and have a numbered name list so that you can correctly identify the prints later.
Preparation will depend upon how you plan to make the footprints.
What to Do
  1. As the youth arrive, collect their footprints.
  2. Prepare the prints for display by making them into photo enlargements, slides, overhead transparencies, powerpoint slides, digital slide shows, or etc so that the pictures are large enough for the entire group to view them at the same time.
  3. For fun, you can also throw in a few gag prints, such as animal feet, baby feet, big clown's shoes, and two feet side-by-side but facing in opposite directions. These will be your beautiful feet pageant.
  4. Go through the numbered prints and have youth match the print with the person who made it. Can you even identify your own footprint?
  5. Award the person who correctly identifies the most feet! With the Incredible FEAT award!

A lot of our idioms and common sayings refer to “feet”. Share a few appropriate idioms or the entire list of idoms with the group. Which of these idioms best describes you? Why?
Idioms referring to feet
• back on your feet again
• dip your toes in the water
• drag one's feet
• fall at his feet
• find your feet
• fleet of foot
• foot the bill
• get a foot in the door
• get cold feet
• get off on the wrong foot
• get to one's feet
• get your feet wet
• has two left feet
• have a foot in both camps
• have feet of clay
• have one foot in the grave
• have your feet on the ground
• hold someones feet to the fire
• hot foot out of here
• land on your feet
• make an about face
• My foot!
• on foot
• on your back foot
• pussyfoot around
• put a foot wrong
• put your best foot forward
• put your feet up
• put your foot down
• put your foot in it
• put your foot in your mouth
• shoot yourself in the foot
• sit at the foot of a teacher
• stand on your own two feet
• step on another person’s foot
• step on the gas
• stop dead in your tracks
• sweep someone off his/her feet
• take a load off your feet
• take a stand
• take steps toward something
• the ball is at your feet
• thinking on your feet
• throw yourself at someones feet
• tiptoe through it
• to get under foot
• vote with your feet
• watch your step
• world's at your feet
Taking It to the Next Level
Many times when we talk about the characteristics of a person, we refer to their heart. But we reference the feet almost as often in our expressions. That's because the feet tell us two very important facts about someone: where one's standing and which way someone is going. A firm stand and a consistent walk are both traits we admire in others. When we talk about our journey in life we often talk about those times we slip and stumble as well as those times when we took a step in the right direction.
  • What is something that you have taken a stand for in your life? What are some things that you need to take a stronger stand on?
  • What are some steps that you have taken in the right direction with your life? The wrong direction?
  • What are some areas in which you have stumbled along the way in your journey?
  • What are some ways that we can make our walk sure? How can you get back on your feet and take a new step in the right direction with your life? In what areas do you need to watch your step?
  • Taking a stand and finding your footing in life isn’t always easy – especially when you might need to step on a few toes to do so. How can you find the balance between taking a stand on things that are important to you without stepping on too many toes? Should you worry about stepping on toes? Why or why not?
Action Point
As a footnote to this lesson, identify at least one area of your life where you need to get back on your feet! How can you take a new step in the right direction with your life beginning today? In what areas do you need to watch your step in the journey ahead?

(As a meaningful reminder, give the participants the piece of paper with their footprint on it to write the answer to the questions below. Encourage them to place it on the door of their room as a reminder that every day they step outside that door they need to also take a step in the right direction for their life!)

Spiritual Themes
  • Sure footed - Many of the proverbs talk about making our paths straight, about stumbling, about watching our step. Proverbs 4:26 – “Watch the path of your feet And all your ways will be established.”
  • God’s Protection - ". . . unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy" (Jude 24, KJV) .Hab 3:19; 2 Sam 22:34; Ps 18:33 – “"The Lord God [is] my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places."
  • Evangelism - Romans 10:15 - "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Ephesians 6:15 - "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace"
  • Servant hood - John 13 - Jesus washing the disciples' feet.
  • God Holiness - Joshua 5:15 - "And the captain of the LORD's host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon you are standing is holy. And Joshua did so." (Exodus 3:5)

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