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Jesus Is All The World To Me ~ Sarah Berthelson

Jesus Is All The World To Me

Why am I feeling so joyful this day
I think I started it as I pray
For the ones that I love and those I do not know
Sometime I feel that my love does not show
Jesus is the world to me

Jesus reached down and touched my heart at a very young age
I knew He was there and seeking me to come to Him
He let me know that He went to the cross for me
Jesus is the world to me

How do we show Him how much we love Him
Not by staying home from church or not seeking His face
So often we never speak to Him at all in a day
He misses us and wants us to pray
Jesus is the world to me

Because he is the Lord of my Life
I thank Him this day for being by my side
He answers my prayers and He speak to me
Jesus is the world to me.

Sarah Berthelson

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