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Autumn's Glory ~ Joan Adams Burchell

Autumn’s Glory

Leaves, spiraling softly down -
coloring the ground;
Crimson, claret, amber, orange -
browns spread around.

Colors blending from God’s own pallette
bring us Autumn’s Glory;
The brisk, cool breeze - mittens donned -
all tell Autumn’s story.

Children laughing with utmost glee
as they jump in a leafy pile;
Carefree Autumn, with squirrels scooting -
gathering nuts with style.

Smoke ascending from chimney tops
and reaching to the skies;
Mothers busy with pumpkins and apples -
baking favorite pies.

The season is joyful with all it holds -
everything bright with hope;
Holidays near, that time of year
when Peace our hearts promote. 

Colors no other season can boast -
Autumn is God’s own way
To bring together family and friends;
Autumn’s Glory is God’s “Hurray!”

©Joan Adams Burchell

(September 26, 2006)

 Acts 14:17
 Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, 
in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, 
and fruitful seasons, filling our
 hearts with food and gladness.

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