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Make a Joyful Noise ~ By: Vicki Porter

  Treasure Box Focus ~ Making A Joyful Noise

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Make a Joyful Noise - Psalms 10
By: Vicki Porter

We’ll hear angels’ voices raised on high
In notes of joy and praise
When finally we reach the end
Of these, our earthly days!
Music, what a special gift
The Lord gives to His own—
For we love to sing our gratitude
For blessings we have known!
Because of some who’ve praised in song,
We may often hear sweet strain
Of some familiar melody
That drifts into our brain,
Like “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine,”
Then we feel the Lord so close,
Or a walk with Him in a garden
When the dew is still on the rose.
Or of that great joy we’ll know at last
When Heaven’s Gate we see,
And treading on those golden streets,
We “shout the victory!”
It must please our Lord to hear
Our voices in praise ringing,
For when we come into “His Presence,”
We’re told to “come with singing!”
How, though, we may sometimes wonder,
Can a song rise in our soul
When the cares and trials of our lives
Take such a hurtful toll?
It may help us, then, to remember
When life seems so harsh and so grim,
That just before Gethsemane
Our Saviour sang a hymn.
So may we, like He, take courage,
Seeking strength from our Lord above,
Ever lifting our voices in worship,
With thanks for His soul—saving love.


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