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I Shall Be Whole - By: Debbie Isenbletter


By: Debbie Isenbletter

A woman sick for twelve long years,
heard that Jesus came.
If she could only touch His robe,
she'd never be the same.

"I shall be whole," she cried with faith,
as Jesus closer came.
I am unclean but just one touch,
I'll never be the same.

The crowd pressed close around the man,
they'd heard about His fame.
With desperate courage she moved in close,
yet hung her head in shame.

I cannot speak, I am unclean,
but just one touch I'll steal.
The hem of His dear garment,
is all that I will feel.

I shall be whole, I know I will,
her heart cried out with faith.
And as she touched that dusty robe,
a miracle took place.

Jesus turned and looked around,
for virtue He felt leave.
A hand of faith had touched His robe,
a heart that did believe.

"Who touched me?" He asked aloud,
but knowing it was she.
He looked at her who touched His robe,
and knew she was set free.

The woman fell down at His feet,
pouring out her soul.
And Jesus spoke with tenderness,
"Thy faith hath made thee whole."

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