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When memories of pain and hurt
comes surging through,
throbbing the vulnerable soul,
Call to the Master, Call to the
One who knows our pain.

Forgiveness seems hard and
faraway when anger arise
but call unto the Great One
who said "Vengeance is Mine."

When the past rears its ugly head,
look to the Almighty and He gives
grace to forgive.
He alone knows why and when and how
yet an example He set at Calvary
when He asked "Father forgive
them for they know not."

"Press on" the Master says and
"heap burning coals on their head"
by blessing and blessing all
of them forevermore.

Take that first step and see
how easy it will get because
the Master promises more grace
to the humble and blessedness
for the poor in spirit.

Freedom and joy will spring as
in the dawn of morning for
the words of our Master said,
"All things work for good" and
"You meant harm but God meant
good. . . ." So we rejoice in the days
ahead and press on to the goal
and calling of our faith,
the redemption of our soul.

Delia Das
Port Washington , WI

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