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Enough's Enough! - By: Peggy McIlveene

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Enough's Enough!

The world is full of evil folks,
and life can be quite rough.
I wonder when the Lord will say,
"Good grief, enough's enough!"

"It's been almost 6,000 years
since I created man,
who had it great in Paradise,
until they sinned and ran!"

"But still I gave them chances,
even though they broke my heart.
Yet still they turned away from Me,
which wasn't very smart!"

"Life went on from there,
and soon the earth was filled.
I wanted them to love Me,
but their hearts grew blacker still."

"I warned them I'd destroy the earth,
but they did not take heed,
and so I rid My world of them
for all their evil deeds!"

"4,000 years have passed since then,
they still won't turn to Me.
And every time I look around,
their evil works I see.

"They only THINK they have it bad,
and that their lives are rough;
it'll be much worse when I decide,
good grief, enough's enough!"


Peggy McIlveene
August 21, 2004

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