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Diggin' In Dirt On A Sunday! - By: John Evans

Diggin' In Dirt On A Sunday!

By:John Evans

The Smiths they are very fine farmers,
Honest folk, just true-blue every way.
But sometimes the spring rains just keep coming
With big losses quite hard to defray,

So sometimes these folks worked on a Sunday --
But for church they would be in their place,
On time, in their best, to praise Jesus,
Who had blessed them and theirs by His grace.

Well, this Lord's day they early had labored,
As they felt God allowed them to do,
And at ten o'clock sharp they were gathered,
Their heads bowed before God in their pew.

Yes, in church they sought surcease from trial --
But behind them they heard, "God detests
This diggin' in dirt on a Sunday,
Then prayin' to Him like the rest!"

Well, the barb was for them and they knew it,
But as singin' had started they tried
To cast upon Jesus this sorrow,
For their Savior for such sin had died.

Well, the preacher soon came to his sermon --
And amazingly this was his text:
"Let's be slow to pass judgment on others;
Forsake that in this world for the next.

And don't dig into other folks' problems --
Leave the dirt there for their eyes and God's,
For He sure hates the ways of a gossip
And won't bless folks when that road they've trod!"

Well, the preacher he had one good sermon!
It's gist was in truth, God detests
Gossips "diggin' in dirt on a Sunday,
Then prayin' to Him like the rest!"

I'm reminded of Jesus' sure proverb,
In the Gospel of Matthew it's penned,
"By your own words you shall be accepted,
And by your own words you shall be condemned."

John Evans

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