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But Only in my Picture Book! - By: Peter Roberts

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But Only in my Picture Book!
By: Peter Roberts

On rainy days I like to look
At animals in my picture book:
And, to my great delight, I see
The creatures looking back at me.

I see a zebra in the zoo,
An elephant and kangaroo;
A leopard, leaping in a tree,
And, eating fruit, a chimpanzee

I touch a tiger's pouncing paws,
A crocodile with open jaws;
And, in a big-top circus cage,
A roaring lion in a rage.

The dolphin in the pool is bright
The polar bear is cold and white;
A baby seal in sunshine lies,
And, in the sea, a penguin cries.

I'm pleased to see on every page,
Wild anaimals of every age,
But sad to think, that some I see,
Will not survive the future free.

And some, like blue-sea whales, will die
To be, like memories gone by:
For them, tomorrow's men will look,
But only in my picture book!

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